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Now more than ever, a strong digital presence is important to your business reputation. A structured marketing strategy is how you establish your brand and position your goods. Are you leveraging your online presence to promote and sell products? Are you effectively using social media, search engines, email marketing and other tools to connect and convert? Let us put the shine on your products or services by helping you polish your approach!

 Business Set-Up 
 Content Curation
 Post Scheduling 
 Media Purchasing
Consulting & THAT'S NOT ALL!!

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Getting your message in front of the right audience is important! Social media ads are the most effective way to do it! Through demographic targeting, geofencing, conversion analytics and audience retargeting, we take the guesswork out of social media advertising to help you reach the prospects who matter most: the ones most likely to buy your products! Catch their attention with our help!

Proximity & Location Based Ads
Demographic Targeting 
Interest & Behavior Analysis
Geofencing & MORE!
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Graphic design is one of our main passions! As you can see from our automotive-designs, we have a knack for it. We do more than just automotive work though... whether you need website graphics, business materials or a custom logo, we're here for you. We can even create custom branded animations for your videos! Our portfolio is available upon request and we'd love to work with you on your next project! 

Logo Design 
Logo Animation 
Custom Designs

Business Cards

Apparel Designs  
Flyers & MORE! 
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Patterson Media provides both public and private automotive photography services. We've photographed lots of awesome automotive events. Among our previous stops are King of the Hammers, Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Club Invasion and Barrett-Jackson auto auction! If you're interested in checking out some of our photography work, keep an eye on our Facebook page or ask for our portfolio. 

Closed Setting
Attention To Detail 
Quality Experience
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